Are Assets Insured At IDS?
Yes. Assets held in your account are insured by the world’s leading specialty insurance provider.

What can I store at IDS?
IDS of Canada provides storage services for investment grade precious metals bullion.

Is there Tax or Duty on metals entering Canada?
The Canadian government imposes a Goods and Service Tax / Harmonized Sales Tax (GST / HST) on products entering Canada which do not meet a minimum purity requirement.
To insure these taxes and duties are not owed, precious metals must be in bar, ingot, coin or wafer form.  If coins, they must be issued by a government authority as legal tender and metals must meet the following purity standards:

  • Gold must be 99.99% pure
  • Platinum and Silver must be 99.5% pure

The following are examples of products which the Canadian Government does not currently impose a Goods or Services/Sales Tax:

  • Gold and silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • Gold American Buffalo coin
  • Gold Australian Kangaroo/Nugget coin
  • Platinum and silver American Eagle coin

More information can be found on the Canadian Border Services Agency website.  Click Here

What about privacy and reporting?
IDS of Canada takes every precaution to protect each client’s personal information with physical and technological safeguards. Under no circumstance is any information provided to IDS of Canada sold, exchanged, loaned or made available, except as needed to fulfill the services employed and as required by law. IDS of Canada strictly adheres to the Canada Privacy Act. For more information regarding the Canada Privacy Act, please visit www.priv.gc.ca

What is the cost of storing precious metals at IDS of Canada?
Fees and services vary depending on the type of account and value. However, the minimum monthly fee for individual investors is $50.00.

Can I buy and sell precious metals through you?
IDS of Canada does not buy or sell precious metals. IDS of Canada only provides storage and related services to clients.  However,  many of the world’s leading bullion dealers hold accounts at IDS of Canada. If you are already working with a bullion dealer, you may simply instruct them to ship your order to IDS for safe keeping.